Let us help you rent your unit!

Welcome to the landlord section of the Collaborative’s website – dedicated solely to you!

You’ve come this far, so hopefully that means that you are interested in learning more about joining the Collaborative as a landlord partner – we’d LOVE to have you. Below is some basic information about becoming a Collaborative landlord, but if you are interested in moving forward with the process and getting further information, we encourage you to click here to contact us.

Becoming a landlord partner with the Collaborative grants you access to:


house-iconProperty listing service that connects directly to a move-in ready tenant pool

house-iconGuaranteed contact from a Collaborative representative within 3 business days

house-iconFollow-up housing stabilization services for tenant and landlord

house-iconGuaranteed rental assistance, ranging from short- to long-term funding (may vary)

house-iconAND MORE! Additional features are constantly being added to our Landlord Incentive Program to provide increased support for our dedicated landlord partners. To view the full Landlord Incentive Program, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page by clicking here.



Housing Partner


Willing to partner with the Collaborative

Meet our basic joining criteria

Rent at least one of your units to a client through one of the Collaborative’s partner agencies.


You’re awesome!




Game Changer



Meet the criteria of a Housing Partner

Go one step further and apply alternate screening criteria



You’re super awesome!