About the Housing Opportunities Collaborative

What We Do


getting-keysDue to an extremely expensive rental market in Fairfax, it is challenging, if not nearly impossible, for the individuals and families we work with to locate safe, stable, and affordable housing that fits their budget. On top of that, the stigma of homelessness creates additional challenges when looking for housing. The Collaborative is designed to meet these needs by assisting in the recruitment of landlord partners in the community who are willing to rent to our clients. In exchange, the Collaborative offers an incentive program and other supports to help make the partnership effective.

Landlords can choose between two levels of membership in the Collaborative – Housing Partner or Game Changer. All we ask of Housing Partners is be willing to partner with our program and meet our basic joining criteria. Game Changers have agreed to go a step further and actually lower their entry/screening criteria to allow increased access for our clients (lower credit score, leniency on criminal or eviction history, etc.). Both Housing Partners and Game Changers have access to the incentive program, with Game Changers having access to a premium version with additional features. To find out more about being a Housing Partner or Game Changer with the Housing Opportunities Collaborative, click here.

In addition to landlord recruitment, the Collaborative is also focused on providing training and professional development opportunities to frontline staff who work with individuals and families experiencing homelessness, understanding that it is only with strong, educated, and fully equipped frontline staff that the challenging job of ending homelessness will be realized.

Lastly, it is our goal to provide a mutually beneficial environment of partnership and collaboration through ongoing events intended for networking amongst landlords, agency providers, and those experiencing homelessness so that we can expand the conversations about how we are going to effectively end homelessness together.

Who We Are

John Bobby

John Bobby

Manager, Housing Opportunities Collaborative

John recently retired from Freddie Mac after 33 years.  He successfully managed various processes such as risk management, mortgage purchase and structured transactions.   He volunteered for many Cornerstone activities including training clients on budgeting and food drives.  John has in depth experience in all aspects of property management.

As the manager of the Housing Opportunities Collaborative, John leads efforts to establish relationships with landlords and other permanent housing providers for the explicit purpose of increasing housing opportunities for people who are homeless and at risk of being homeless.